- A -

About eForms

About ELM Computer Systems

Accessing Last Year's Data

Add Company

Add new company

Add Slip

Adding Features

Adding Slips

Adjust Margins

Adjust/Unadjust Relevé 1 Slips

Adjust/Unadjust T4 Slips

Adjusting Relevé 1 Slips

Adjusting T4 Slips

Adjustment Options, Company

Adjustment Options, CPP/QPP/PPIP/QPIP

Adjustment Options, EI

Adjustment Options, Global

Adjustment Options, PPIP

Adjustment Options, QPIP

Adjustment Options, Setting

Adjustment Report, Printing

Adjustment, Defaults

Adjustment, Other Options

Adjustment, Transfer Over Remittance

Administration, User

Adobe Reader

Advanced Tab

AGR-1, Import File Header

Authorization Code

Authorization Code, Change

AvanTax Filing Services

- B -

Backup Database

Backup Restore Database

Batch Printing

- C -

Change, Authorization Code

Change, Password

Check Database Integrity

Close Database

Comany Menu

Common Recipient Data Fields

Company Filing Status

Company List, Printing

Company Name

Company, Add

Company, Adjustment Options

Company, Defaults

Company, Delete

Company, Edit

Company, General Information

Company, Import File Header

Company, Merge

Company, Net Pay

Company, New

Company, Reports, Selection

Company, Select

Select Company

Company, Transfer

Company, Unlock


Configure Database

Contact Information, Global

Contribution Rates and Constants

Convert Database

CPP Adjustment Options

Create Database

Create Slips from Another Slip Type

Creating a Company

Ctrl + A

Ctrl + D

Ctrl + P

Ctrl + PgDn

Ctrl + PgUp

Ctrl + S

Custom Forms

- D -

Data Entry, Advanced Tab

Data File Security

Data Import, Excel

Data Import, XML

Data, Field Selection

Data, Validating

Database Integrity

Database, Close

Database, Configure

Database, Convert (Roll Forward)

Database, Create

Database, Open

Database, Repair

Default, Adjustment

Default, New Company

Delete Slip

Deleting a Company

Deleting a Slip

Display Options

- E -

Edit Company

Edit List, Printing

Edit Menu

Edit Settings, Paths

Edit Settings, System

Edit Settings, User

Edit Summary Data

eForms Start to Finish

EI Adjustment Options

Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing Instructions, Federal Returns

Electronic Filing Instructions, Quebec Returns

Electronic Filing Menu

Electronic Filing, Perparation

ELM Computer Systems, About

English, Switch to

Enter Recipient/Payee Data

Entering Data in a Slip

Event Viewer

Excel, Import from

Excel, Open Template

- F -




FHSA, Import File Header

FHSAX, Import File Header

Field, Override

Field, Override Calculated

File Locations

File Menu

Filing Status, Company

Filing, Electronic

First Slip

Form, Print

Forms Menu

French, Switch to

- G -

General Information, Company

Getting Started

Global Changes, Adjustment Options

Global Changes, Contact Information

Global Changes, Slip Information

- H -

Hard drive

Hardware Requirements

Headings, Import Files


Help Menu

- I -

Icons, Special

Import File Header, Company

Import File Header, AGR-1

Import File Header, FHSA

Import File Header, FHSAX

Import File Header, NR4

Import File Header, Relevé 1

T4 & RL-1 Headings
Relevé 1 Headings

Import File Header, Relevé 11

Import File Header, Relevé 15

Import File Header, Relevé 16

Import File Header, Relevé 18

Import File Header, Relevé 2

Import File Header, Relevé 22

Import File Header, Relevé 24

Import File Header, Relevé 25

Import File Header, Relevé 27

Import File Header, Relevé 3

T5 & RL-3 Headings
Relevé 3 Headings

Import File Header, Relevé 31

Import File Header, Relevé 5

Import File Header, Relevé 8

Import File Header, RRSP

Import File Header, T1204

Import File Header, T215

Import File Header, T2200

Import File Header, T2202

Import File Header, T3

Import File Header, T4

Import File Header, T4A

Import File Header, T4ANR

Import File Header, T4ARCA

Import File Header, T4E

Import File Header, T4PS

Import File Header, T4RIF

Import File Header, T4RSP

Import File Header, T5

T5 Headings
T5 & RL-3 Headings

Import File Header, T5007

Import File Header, T5008

Import File Header, T5013

Import File Header, T5018

Import File Header, T550

Import File Header, TFSA

Import File Header, TP64

Import File Headings

Import Files, Introduction

Import Last Year's User Information

Import, Excel

Import, XML

Improve Print Speed


Installing Updates

- K -

Keys, Special

- L -

Language, Toggle

Last Slip

Last Year's Data, Convert

License Agreement

Location, File


- M -

Magnetic Media, Federal Returns

Magnetic Media, Perparation

Magnetic Media, Quebec Returns

Main Menu

Making Suggestions



Menu, Company

Menu, Edit

Menu, Electronic Filing

Menu, File

Menu, Forms

Menu, Help

Menu, Reports

Menu, Setup

Menu, Tools

Menu, View

Menu, Windows

Merge Companies

Multiple Document Interface

Multiple Forms

- N -

Net Pay, Company


Network Adminstrator

New Company Defaults

Next Slip


NR4, Import File Header

Number of Slips

- O -

Open Database

Open Excel Template

Open Last Year's Data

Options, Display

Order, Slips

Over Remittance, Transfer

Override Calculated Field

Override Field

- P -


System Requirements
Diagnostics and File Locations

Password, Change


Path Settings, Edit

Payee Data, Enter

Personalizing the Display



PPIP Adjustment Options

CPP/QPP Adjustment Options
PPIP/QPIP Adjustment Options

Previous Slip

Previous Year's Data, Convert

print functions

Print Slip

Printing Adjustments

Printing Company Lists

Printing Edit Lists

Printing Signatures

Printing Slips

Printing Speed

Printing Summarries

- Q -

QPIP Adjustment Options

QPIP Adjustmetn Options

QPP Adjustment Options

Quebec, Electronic Filing, Serial Numbers

Quick Helps

- R -


Rates and Constants

Recipient Data, Enter

Recipient, Common Data Fields


Relevé 1 Slips, Adjust/Unadjust

Relevé 1, Adjusting

Relevé 1, Adjusting, Reverse

Relevé 1, Adjustment Options

Relevé 1, Import File Header

T4 & RL-1 Headings
Relevé 1 Headings

Relevé 1, Reversing Adjustments

Relevé 11, Import File Header

Relevé 15, Import File Header

Relevé 16, Import File Header

Relevé 18, Import File Header

Relevé 2, Import File Header

Relevé 22, Import File Header

Relevé 24, Import File Header

Relevé 25, Import File Header

Relevé 27, Import File Header

Relevé 3, Import File Header

T5 & RL-3 Headings
Relevé 3 Headings

Relevé 31, Import File Header

Relevé 5, Import File Header

Relevé 8, Import File Header

Remove Companies

Removing Slips

Repair Database

Repair User Database

Reports Menu

Reports, Adjustment

Reports, Company List

Reports, Company Selection

Reports, Data Validation

Reports, Edit List

Reports, Slips

Reports, Summary

Requesting New Features


Restore Database

Reversing Relevé 1 Slip Adjustments

Reversing T4 Slip Adjustments

Review Summary Data

RL- Slip Serial Numbers

Roll Forward Last Year's Data

RRSP, Import File Header

- S -

Security, Data File

Select Company

Selecting a Company

Selecting a Slip

Selecting Companies for Reports

Serial Numbers, Electronic Filing, Quebec

Serial Numbers, RL- Slips

Setting Adjustment Options

Settings, User


Setup Menu


Skip Data Entry Fields

Slip Information, Global

Slip, Add

Slip, Data Entry

Slip, Delete

Deleting Slips

Slip, Find

Slip, First

Slip, Last

Slip, New

Slip, Next

Slip, Number of

Slip, Order

Slip, Previous

Slip, Revert

Slip, Select

Slip, Sort Order

Slips, Create from Another Slip Type

Slips, Printing

Slips, Remove

Slow Printing

Software Requirements

Sort Order

Sorting Slips

Special Icons

Special Keys

Split Screen

Start to Finish

Starting eForms


Summaries, Printing

Summary, Edit

Summary, Review

System Requirements

System Settings, Edit

- T -

T1204, Import File Header

T215 , Import File Header

T2200, Import File Header

T2202, Import File Header

T3, Import File Header

T4 Slips, Adjust/Unadjust

T4, Adjusting

T4, Adjusting, Reverse

T4, Adjustment Options

T4, Import File Header

T4, Reversing Adjustments

T4A , Import File Header

T4ANR, Import File Header

T4E , Import File Header

T4PS, Import File Header

T4RCA, Import File Header

T4RIF, Import File Header

T4RSP, Import File Header

T5, Import File Header

T5 Headings
T5 & RL-3 Headings

T5007, Import File Header

T5008, Import File Header

T5013, Import File Header

T5018, Import File Header

T550, Import File Header

Technical Support

Template, Open Excel

Terminal Server

System Requirements
Installing AvanTax eForms

Terminal Services

TFSA, Import File Header


Tools Menu

TP64, Import File Header

Transfer Companies

Transfer Over Remittance

- U -

Unlocking Companies

Updates, Installing

User Administration

User Database, Repair

User Information, Import Last Year's

User Names

User Settings

User Settings, Edit

Using eForms

- V -

Validating Data


View Menu

Viewer, Event

- W -

Warranty Information




Windows Menu



- X -

XML, Import from