Printing Custom Forms


Custom Forms (eForms Enterprise only)

You can use eForms to print customizations of any included form as long as all data output locations are unchanged from the default forms. Once created, the custom form will be used instead of eForms' default form for ALL output until it is either deleted (all versions of eForms) or you log in as a different user (eForms Standard and Enterprise). Please note that if you customize a form that is submitted to either CRA or RQ you are required to obtain their approval for your customization before it can be submitted; failure to do so will result in rejection of the submitted custom form.


To use a custom form, please ensure that the following are true:


The CustomForms folder must exist under the current data folder
oUnder eForms' default installation settings the CustomForms folder will be "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\AvanTax eForms 2024\Data\CustomForms"
oThe current data folder is shown on line 2 of Diagnostics and File Locations (HELP > DIAGNOSTICS AND FILE LOCATIONS)
The custom form must exist in the CustomForms folder
The custom form must be named "username_formname.pdf", where:
o"username" is the name you use to logon to eForms
o"formname" is the name of the form to be customized (for example: T4Sum, T4Slip, R1Sum or R1Slip)
oAn example of a custom form filename is "USERNAME_T4SUM.pdf"
The custom form file must allow data to be printed in the same locations as on the original installed with AvanTax eForms