Other Adjustment Options


Adjust CPP/EI/PPIP differences greater than...

Adjustments to CPP/QPP, EI or PPIP/QPIP will be made only if they exceed the value entered here. No adjustments will be made if the difference between the calculated amount and the entered amount for CPP/QPP, EI or PPIP/QPIP is less than or equal to this value and the unadjusted values will be reported. The default is $1.00.


Adjust CPP/EI/PPIP to calculated amounts even if there is insufficient tax to offset the adjustment

Adjustments increasing the amount entered for CPP/QPP, EI or PPIP/QPIP will be taken from income tax deducted. When this option is selected, entered values will be adjusted to the calculated amounts even if insufficient tax exists to make up the difference. If there is insufficient tax to cover the adjustment to CPP/QPP, EI and PPIP/QPIP, the difference will be posted to the T4 Summary. The shortfall is made up of the increase in the employer’s contribution and the increase in the employee’s contribution which was not offset by tax. The employer must make up the difference when filing the Summary and collect the under-contributed employee’s portion from the employee.


Maximum amount by which tax may be reduced

Enter the maximum amount by which tax may be reduced. For example: Enter $100.00 to limit tax decreases to no more than $100.00. The default is $9,999.99.