Creating a Database




eForms Basic, Standard & Enterprise Only


QuickHelps Video - Create, Configure and Convert Databases


An eForms database is a collection of the data for one or more companies in a single file on your computer. Each database can contain the data for numerous companies and you can create as many databases as you wish. To create a database select New Database from the File menu.


First, select the folder in which you want to store the database. You can select any local or network folder available to your computer. If a multi-user network version of eForms is being used, the database is normally stored on a network drive so that it can be accessed by other users. For best performance, we recommend that data files be stored on local or network storage.


Next, enter a valid Windows filename. If you enter the extension, it must be "T24N" and this will be the default if no extension is entered. NOTE: We suggest that you do not use the year in the database name. Since the conversion process creates a 2024 database with the same name as the 2023 database, using the year in the name could cause confusion when trying to locate a database in subsequent years.


Click Save to create the database and exit the Create New Database dialog box. The new database will be automatically opened and its name will appear in the title bar of your eForms window.


If you already have a database open when you choose New Database the current database is automatically closed before the new database is created.


Once the database has been created you must create a company in order to begin entering data.