Edit Menu


The Edit Menu will not be activated until a company has been created (using the Company menu).




Add Slip / CTRL + A - Adds one slip of the current type to the current return


Delete Slip / CTRL + D - Deletes the currently open slip


Select Slip from List / CTRL + S - Displays a list of all slips of the current type from which one may be selected for display


List Valid Options / F2 - Lists valid inputs for any selected field flagged with the Menu-Edit-Valid icon


Override Calculated Field / F4 - Allows the entry of custom data into a calculated field.


Revert - Removes changes made to the current slip after the most recent save


First Slip / CTRL + PgUp - Displays the first slip in the current sort order


Previous Slip / PgUp - Displays the previous slip in the current sort order


Next Slip / PgDn - Displays the next slip in the current sort order


Last Slip / CTRL + PgDn - Displays the last slip in the current sort order


Insert Company Address / Shift + F6 - Pastes the address of the current company into the displayed slip


Copy Employee Information / F7 - Copies employee name and address data from the displayed slip


Paste Employee Information / Shift + F7 - Pastes copied employee name and address data into the displayed slip