Using Sequence (Relevé) Numbers on Relevé Slips


Depending on the slip to be printed, its status and the answers you provide, you may see one or more of the following dialogues:


Serial Number - D


The screen above will be displayed if you are printing Relevé slips but have not yet prepared an XML file for at least one of the slips included in the report. You must generate the XML file before printing the Relevé slips so that the sequence number assigned to the slip during the XML process can be reported on the printed slip.


Serial Number - B


The screen above will be displayed when you are re-printing slips, Clicking on "Yes" will cause eForms to calculate new sequence numbers for the slips being printed. Clicking on "No" will cause eForms to print the slips using the sequence number already assigned. In the case where no sequence number exists, eForms will assign the next number in sequence.


Serial Number - A


The dialogue above will be displayed when one or more amended slips are included in the slips to be printed. If you answer "Yes" at this dialogue, all amended slips printed will be assigned new sequence numbers, as well as any original slip not already assigned a number.


The dialogue below will be displayed if amended slips have been printed and you have chosen to re-assign sequence numbers to amended slips only:


Serial Number - C


Answering "Yes" at this dialogue will save the sequence number for amended slips in the "Previous sequential number" field of the slip's data entry screen. Answering "No" will discard the sequence number that was just used.


Most Relevé slips display two sequence numbers:


The upper number is only assigned to the slip when you generate an XML return. You must enter the beginning number into eForms on the Electronic Filing page for Revenu Québec under Step 3. Revenu Québec provides each Company/Payer with a unique range of sequence numbers for each XML return. Revenu Québec does not provide eForms with these numbers, you must contact Revenu Québec if you do not have them.
The lower number is only assigned to the slip when it is printed and are assigned by eForms from a range of sequence numbers provided to eForms by Revenu Québec and distributed among our clients. For returns that will be filed electronically, the recipient slips must contain both the XML  and the printed sequence number. You must generate the XML file first to assign the XML sequence numbers to the slips before preparing slips for distribution so that the XML sequence number appears on the recipient slips as required by Revenu Québec.


The procedure to ensure that both sequence number appear correctly on all recipient slips would be to:


Enter the slips into eForms
Check for errors in data entry
Prepare the electronic filing submission file – this will assign the XML sequence number to the slip and include it on the recipient's copy
Prepare the recipient slips – this will assign the recipient slip's sequence number.  Since the XML processing was done first, both sequence numbers will appear on the recipient's copy.