Setting Adjustment Options


The adjustment options for each company are stored with the company profile. To change the adjustment options for the current company select Company Setup from the Company menu and then click the Adjustment Options page. You can make changes to any of the options and also enter the SIN of the individual designated to receive the transfer of over remittance of CPP and EI.


Use the T4 Adjustment Defaults page in the Setup menu if you want to change the default adjustment options for all new companies. The global default adjustment options are applied to each new company added to the eForms database. To change the adjustment options for selected existing companies use the Adjustment Options option of the Global Changes sub-menu of the Tools menu.


Refer to the following topics for detailed information on how each adjustment option affects entered data:


CPP/QPP Adjustment Options
EI Adjustment Options
PPIP/QPIP Adjustment Options
Transfer Over Remittance