Edit List


MENU: REPORTS > form type > form type EDIT LIST


A complete edit listing of all the slips can be produced for all types of slips. To generate this report, choose the type of slip from the Reports menu, and then select the corresponding Edit List from the list of available reports. A dialog box will open which will allow you to select the companies to print an Edit List Report for.


Print Edit List


Refer to the section Company Selection for details on selecting companies to include in this report.

Refer to the section Printing Options for details on Quick Print, Preview & Print and other options.



Select one of the two options listed below:


All - include all the fields available on the slip (report may print with a very small font to fit all data)
Selected - print only those fields which you select
Clear - clears the current field selection
Select Used Fields - selects only the fields that contain data


If you chose Selected, click on the box beside each field you wish to include in the report.


Print Addresses

Select whether or not to include recipient addresses in the report


Print Inactive Slips

Select whether or not to include inactive slips in the report. eForms considers any slip having a $0.00 value as inactive.



Select whether or not to filter the edit list to print only those slips that meet the filter conditions.


Edit List Filter