Printing Options


Preview / Print

Previews the print job in Adobe Reader. Use Adobe Reader's print functions to send the slips to the printer. See A Note on Printing Reports for additional information.


Adjust Margins

Opens the Adjust Margins dialogue, enabling you to reposition the data printed on pre-printed forms for placement within the provided fields. The unit of measure is inches where 0.10 represents 1/10 of an inch. Positive numbers will move the print to the right (horizontally) or down (vertically). Negative numbers will move the print to the left (horizontally) or up (vertically).


Refresh Data

Use this button to incorporate any additions, deletions or changes made to the company list or changes made to individual slips since the Print window was opened.


Output Folder

Pressing this button will open the folder where the PDF files will be stored.



Use this button to set advanced print settings; available settings are:


"Do not combine and display PDF files if pages generated are more than ..." - The default PDF viewer will not automatically display files with more than the number of pages entered here
"Batch size" - Print jobs will be divided into multiple batches, each containing the number of forms entered here; a single PDF will be displayed once printing is complete and the individual batch files will be written to the current PDF Output folder
oUnder eForms' default installation settings the PDF Output Folder will be "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\AvanTax eForms 2024\PDF Output"
oThe current data folder is shown on line 6 of Diagnostics and File Locations (HELP > DIAGNOSTICS AND FILE LOCATIONS)