Backup and Restore a Database




The Backup and Restore function allows you to make backups of your database for archiving, security or as a precaution prior to installing eForms updates.


The Backup Dialogue


Backup Database



Enter the name of the folder where you wish to save the backup file. This folder can be on any storage media accessible to the computer running eForms including external and removable storage devices.


File Name

Enter the name you wish to use for the backup file. This name does not need to have any association with the name of your database or company; it is simply a name that will allow you to quickly sort through backup files and pick the appropriate file to restore (see below). We do recommend including the date in the file name so it will be easier to select a backup file from a specific point in time when performing a restore.


The combination of your selected folder and file name is displayed in the lower left corner of the backup dialogue.


Password / Confirm Password

You may optionally secure the backup file by creating a password. Enter the password, if desired, in the Password field and confirm the password in the Confirm Password field. Passwords can be a combination of any letter, number or symbol; to a maximum length of 30 characters. Passwords are case sensitive NOTE: Record your password and store it in a secure location as the backup file will no longer be accessible if the password has been lost and we will not be able to recover the password for you.


Use Maximum Compression

While all backup files are compressed, if this box is checked the backup file will be created with maximum compression. This will cause the backup(s) to take up less storage space. While this will slow down the backup and restore process somewhat, it is useful if you need to create the smallest backup file possible.


Once all the settings have been configured to your satisfaction you can click the "Finish" button to create your backup. If any users have the database open at their workstation the backup will not be successful.


The Restore Dialogue


Restore Database


Restore this file

Enter the folder and filename you used when creating the backup (see above). You can use the button at the end of the field to browse folders for backup files.


Restore to path

Enter the folder to which you will restore the backup. This can be either an existing folder containing eForms data or a new folder created specifically for the restore. If you are restoring data to an existing folder please be aware that any database in that folder with the same name as one contained in the backup file will be overwritten. If other users have the file open at their workstations the restore will fail.


If there is a password for the Backup...

Enter the password, if any, that was used to create the backup. Please note that passwords are case sensitive.


Once all the settings have been configured to your satisfaction you can click the "Finish" button to restore your data. Once the data has been restored you can access it through eForms' Open Database function.