Converting a Database




eForms Basic, Standard & Enterprise Only


QuickHelps Video - Create, Configure and Convert Databases


When you open a "T23N" eForms database you will be asked if you wish to convert the database into the 2024 eForms database format.


Convert Multiple Databases


Source Folder

Location of the database to be converted, if you are unsure of its location you can either use the Browse button or open the 2023 eForms and use its Setup > File Locations menu to display the database location. Once the source has been specified, all 2023 databases in the source folder will be displayed in the Select which file(s) to convert section. Any or all databases may be selected for conversion. Data in the source database(s) will be copied into a new database in the 2024 format; no changes will be made to the 2023 database(s).


Destination Folder

Location of the converted database. The conversion process will save the original database into the 2024 format and save it to this folder.


Set the destination folder to be the source folder

Checking this box will force eForms to use the Source Folder as the Destination Folder. 2023 databases will not be overwritten; a new database in the 2024 format will be created from the 2023 database. Databases for multiple years can safely coexist in a single folder.


Select Data file(s) to be Converted

Select the file(s) you wish to convert by checking the box beside the database name. eForms will create a new file with the same name but with a “T24N" extension in the destination folder. Only the selected file(s) will be converted when you click the Convert button.


Initialize fields (zero amounts, remove "Amended" etc.)

You can choose to set all dollar values to zero or remove any “amended” markers by checking the boxes in this section; data for any unchecked element will be brought forward into the 2024 database. Check in the appropriate box(es) to clear the CPP exemption fields, the EI exempt fields or initialize the partnership forms.


Clear 'CPP Exempt' boxes - Removes the 'CPP Exempt' flag from all slips, making them non-exempt
Clear 'EI Exempt' boxes - Removes the 'EI Exempt' flag from all slips, making them non-exempt
Clear 'Do not adjust CPP' boxes - Removes the 'Do not adjust CPP' flag from all slips, allowing them to be adjusted
Clear 'Do not adjust EI' boxes - Removes the 'Do not adjust EI' flag from all slips, allowing them to be adjusted
Roll forward prior year UCC and capital account amounts on federal and Quebec partnership returns (Standard and Enterprise) - Copies contents of federal and Quebec partnership into the 2024 database


Retain company filing status from last year - Imports the company filing status information (Entered, Filed, etc.) for all returns