Enter the full name and address of the company in the space provided.


New Company General


Other Information


Default Province of Employment

This province will be entered as appropriate on any new slips for this company. eForms will automatically use the Default Province of Employment from the New Company Defaults page in the Setup menu but you can enter any province of employment.


Employer's EI rate

By default the Employer's EI Rate is 1.4000; a modified rate can be entered here, if applicable.


Company category code

The company category field is used to group a selection of companies into categories by any criteria you choose. The category code can be used when Producing Reports to distinguish between groups of payers.


Company tag

The company tag is used to internally distinguish between companies with the same name. In the program this tag will be displayed in <angle brackets>. The tag will never be printed, included in the XML or any official printouts or documents to be submitted to CRA, RQ or the recipients.


Web Access Code

Enter the web access code for the company. This is for records keeping only and is not used by eForms when submitting returns over the Internet.


PDF Output Folder

Set the desired location of PDF copies of printed slips and summaries for this company; use the folder structure that works best for your environment. Click the Browse button to set a custom location or click the Default button to use eForms' default location.


Account Information

Use the fields in this section to hold the Account Numbers and Business Numbers for various return types.



Enter the Quebec Enterprise Number (NEQ) and the Identification and File number for the company if they will be submitting any Quebec forms.



The Notes field can be used to hold any information not included on the recipient slips or in data submitted to CRA & RQ; notes entered in this field will not appear on any report generated by eForms.