eForms Start to Finish


QuickHelps Video - AvanTax eForms Start-to-Finish


Here is a quick list of the steps to follow to get you started in using eForms to prepare your return:


1.Obtain eForms by downloading the eForms installation file from the eForms download page:eForms Downloads
2.Follow the installation instructions to install eForms
3.Create a database if no 2023 database will be rolled forward to the 2024 eForms. (Once you create a database you must create a company before you can begin to enter slip information; summaries will be calculated as slips are entered.)
4.Enter data into the database by either:
rolling data forward from the 2023 eForms,
importing data from an Excel (CSV & XLSX) or XML file,
or entering the data by hand.
5.Print an Edit List to check data for errors and correct as necessary.
6.Run the Adjustment Report, if desired, to calculate CPP/QPP; PPIP & EI deductions for T4 and Relevé 1 slips.
7.Prepare the XML file (required for submissions of 50 slips or more). The XML file must be created before preparing recipient slips to ensure the proper assignment of sequence numbers on Revenu Québec forms.
8.Prepare any necessary paper slips and paper summaries for distribution and/or records keeping.
9.Submit the return(s) to the CRA or RQ as appropriate and record any submission confirmation information (returns containing over 50 slips must be submitted electronically)
10.Amend or cancel slips or returns as updated information becomes available
11.Archive your data for re-issuing lost slips or (gasp!) subsequent audits.