Entering Data


The data entry screen for each form in eForms will have a data entry field for each box on the respective printed forms (as well as control fields used by eForms). Refer to the guides provided by CRA or RQ for information and regulations concerning the completion of any form. In many cases a warning will be provided if the entered data is invalid.


Below are a number of features to make data entry as quick and easy as possible:


Data on any form is automatically saved as the cursor is moved between fields, and also when the form is closed
The decimal point must be used when entering cents or a dollar amount with zero cents will be assumed
The current company's address can be copied to the current employee's address by pressing SHIFT + F6
The employee's address can be copied to additional slips by pressing F7 on the first slip then by pressing Shift + F7 on the additional slip
The cursor can be moved to the next field by pressing either ENTER or TAB
Move the cursor to the previous field by pressing SHIFT + TAB.
Fields at which the cursor stops can be configured for T4, T4A, T5, Relevé 1 & Relevé 3 slips using the Data Entry tab of the User Settings screen; accessed from the Setup menu; deselected fields will be skipped as the cursor is moved through the form