Printing Watermark


Custom Watermark

You can use eForms to print a custom watermark across any form. Once created, the watermark will be printed on ALL output until it is either deleted (all versions of eForms) or you log in as a different user (eForms Standard and Enterprise)


To print a custom watermark, please ensure that the following are true:


The CustomForms folder must exist under the current user's data folder
oUnder eForms' default installation settings the CustomForms folder will be "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\AvanTax eForms 2024\Data\CustomForms"
oThe current data folder is shown on line 2 of Diagnostics and File Locations (HELP > DIAGNOSTICS AND FILE LOCATIONS)
The watermark file must exist in the CustomForms folder
The watermark file must be named "username_WaterMark.txt", where:
o"username" is the name you use to logon to eForms Standard or Enterprise; or "SINGLE" for all other eForms versions
oAn example of a watermark filename is "USERNAME_WATERMARK.txt"
The watermark file must contain the text to print across the form to a maximum of 30 characters, depending on the watermark text (no watermark will print if the watermark file is empty)