Headings for Import Files


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Column headings are used by the import function to identify the information in the column; the keyword "NULL" can be used as the heading of any column you wish the import to ignore. You may also enter "NULL" into the first cell of any row (column A) if you wish the import to ignore that entire row. If data exceeds the maximum size of a field, an error message will be given and the import process will be halted. Where applicable, default data that will be used if a field is empty (or not represented in the import file); these values are listed in the Comments & Examples column in bold print. The various formats used are described below:


Text - Text fields may contain letters, numbers, spaces and punctuation. In some cases, they must be in upper case (such as Province, Postal and Country codes); otherwise, mixed case is acceptable.
X, Yes, Blank, No - X, Yes, Blank, No fields contain logical data and consist of "Y", "1", "Yes" or "X" for "Yes"; "N", "0", "No" or leave the field blank for "No."
Currency - Currency fields contain dollar amounts and are formatted either in dollars and cents or in dollars only. If no decimal value is entered a whole dollar amount will be assumed.
Numeric - Numeric fields may only contain numbers; either integer or decimal. The number of decimal places will be specified if applicable.


See Import from a CSV or Excel file for sample import file layouts. Excel templates have been installed with eForms and can be accessed via the TOOLS > IMPORT / EXPORT DATA > OPEN EXCEL TEMPLATES menu. The Excel import templates also contain a sheet with sample data as an example of how data on the sheets should be entered.


Cell A1 (import from Excel) or the first data element (import from CSV) must contain a heading defining the type of data to import. The table below shows the appropriate heading for each from included with eForms (click on any form for detailed heading information):






Company Data

AGR-1 Data



NR4 Data


T1204 Data

T215 Data

T2200 Data

T2202 Data

T3 Data

T4 Data

T4A Data

T4ANR Data


T4E Data

T4PS Data

T4RIF Data

T4RSP Data

T5 Data

T5 & R3 Data

T550 Data

T5007 Data

T5008 Data

T5013 Data

T5018 Data


Relevé 1 Data

Relevé 2 Data

Relevé 3 Data

Relevé 5 Data

Relevé 8 Data

Relevé 11 Data

Relevé 15 Data

Relevé 16 Data

Relevé 18 Data

Relevé 22 Data

Relevé 24 Data

Relevé 25 Data

Relevé 27 Data

Relevé 31 Data

TP64 Data