MENU: REPORTS > form type > form type SUMMARIES


To print the Summary Form to be sent with the slips to CRA, select the appropriate type of summary from the list in the Reports menu, and then choose the report from the list of available reports. A dialog box will open which will allow you to select which Summary forms you wish to print and the number of copies you wish to print.


Print T4 Summary


Note: The T4 summary will report the unadjusted values for each slip unless all slips have been adjusted. A warning will be given if some slips are adjusted while others are not.


Refer to the section Company Selection for details on selecting companies to include in this report.

Refer to the section PDF File Options for details on how to set the PDF output options for this report.

Refer to the section Printing Options for details on Quick Print, Preview & Print and other options.


Slips Included in Totals

Select one of the options from the drop-down list:


All Slips - print all the slips for the selected companies
Original Slips Only - print only the slips that have not been amended for the selected companies
Amended Slips Only - print only the amended slips for the selected companies
Cancelled Slips Only - print only the cancelled slips for the selected companies
Subset tag - print only slips with the entered subset tag (Enterprise Only)



Group output by

Choose to group the slips by copy number or by company.


Print this date

Check this box and enter the date to be printed on the summary.


Print certification signature

Check this box to print the previously configured certification signature on the summary; see Printing Signatures for details on setting up and printing a signature. (Standard and Enterprise only)


Print nil summaries also

Check this option to print inactive (nil) forms. These are summaries where all dollar values are equal to zero, which will not print unless this option is checked.


Print test pattern

Check this box if you wish to test alignment settings for the selected form.


French instructions on copy 2-3

Check this box to print recipient filing instructions in French. Available only on forms printing three slips per page.