AvanTax eForms from Start to Finish

The information here is also avaliable as a video guide

Here is a quick list of the steps to follow to get you started in using eForms to prepare your return:

  1. Purchase eForms from our online store
  2. Download eForms from the eForms download page
  3. Follow the installation instructions to install eForms
  4. Create a database (if no previous database exists) or convert a previous year's database. If you create a database you must create a company before you can begin to enter slip information
  5. Configure the database to contain the desired forms (T4, T4A, T5, RL-1 & RL-3 are configured by default)
  6. Enter slip information into the database; either:
    1. import data from Excel or XML (eForms Standard and Enterprise only), or;
    2. enter data by hand
  7. Print an Edit List to check data for errors and correct as necessary
  8. Run an Adjustment Report, if desired, to calculate CPP, PPIP & EI deductions
  9. Prepare the XML file; returns of over 50 slips must be submitted electronically
  10. Prepare any necessary paper slips and paper summaries for distribution and/or records keeping. Note that Revenu Québec may require the summary to be printed and mailed
  11. Submit returns to the CRA or RQ; record the submission confirmation information
  12. Amend or Cancel returns as necessary
  13. Archive your data for re-issuing lost slips or (gasp!) CRA or Revenu Québec audits

And you're finished!

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