eForms News

Welcome to our news page! Here you can find community posts, fixes to common problems and the newest features coming to eForms.

AvanTax eForms Website Update

The eForms website has been significantly redesigned and its underlying technology is now Next & React. This change will not only allow us greater flexibility when adding new features but it should also make this website much more enjoyable for you to look at.

AvanTax eForms v. 2023.100 - Early Production Release

All rates and constants have been updated for the 2023 taxation year.

Data may be rolled forward from 2022 AvanTax eForms.

All Forms printing / XML output is in 2022 format, but may be used for filing 2023 returns.

AvanTax eForms v. 2022.103 - Production Release

We have improved the AvanTax eForms email slips function. AvanTax eForms Standard and Enterprise can email slips to recipients. We have changed the interface to allow users to enter formatted text in the body of the message sent to the recipient. Instead of a text-only interface, users can now apply formatting such as bold, italic, underline, font and font size, text colour and inserting images to the message.

We now have a stand alone tool which will allow users to do a pre-import validation check on your spreadsheets before you attempt to do the import. This should improve time efficiency as it will catch most errors before you try the import. The validation program is in English only at the present time. See our website for details.

AvanTax eForms v. 2022.102 - Production Release

All forms and XML output have been updated to the 2022 versions.

All Revenu Québec forms have been updated to the new monochrome format.

Training videos have been updated and expanded to cover all major eForms features.

New Features Coming in AvanTax eForms 2022

- We've created a stand-alone Import Validation Tool which can be used to provide a detailed report of import file data errors that would result in an import failure or an invalid return

- We've updated all Relevé forms to the new monochrome format

- We've added the T550 Application for Registration of RSPs, ESPs or RIFS under Section 146, 146.1 and 146.3 of the Income Tax Act as an optional add-on module for eForms Enterprise

- We've added the ability to format text and include images in the body of the email message when emailing recipient slips

- We've added the ability to filter slips by country when preparing recipient slips

- We've added an 'Email Slips' button to the Reports Centre

- We've updated both the Forms Centre and the Reports Centre to default to the previously selected form

- We've improved the import error report to allow users to display the full report if desired

- We've added messages warning of a significant risk of data loss that displays if eForms and its database appear to be at opposite ends of a VPN tunnel

- We've made numerous data validation enhancements

- We've made numerous user experience enhancements

- We've resolved all bugs which our clients have reported to us

Revenu Québec Revising ALL Relevé Slips for the 2022 Tax Season

Revenu Québec announced earlier this year that all Relevé slips will undergo significant redesign for the 2022 tax season; we are monitoring the appropriate developer websites and will incorporate each redesigned Relevé slip into AvanTax eForms as it becomes available.