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AvanTax eForms 2024 - New & Improved Features

Available in the AvanTax eForms Production Release, scheduled for late 2024

1. The code for the T5103 - Statement of Partnership Income has undergone extensive review and improvement.

2. The email recipient slips utility has been completely redesigned to take advantage of the latest features offered by the Google and Microsoft email servers.

3. We have completely redesigned the eForms Start Page, giving it a new name - 'Home' - and refreshing it with a bright, process oriented layout that should help to make February a little less insane.

eForms - Updated Home Screen

eForms - Classic Start Page

AvanTax eForms v. 2024.100 - Early Production Release

All rates and constants have been updated for the 2024 taxation year.

Data may be rolled forward from 2023 AvanTax eForms.

All Forms printing / XML output is in 2023 format, but may be used for filing 2024 returns.

The 2023 AvanTax eForms Production Release (2023.108) Is Now Available!

♦ We have made a number of improvements to the eForms function to export data to CSV files. In addition we made some improvements to the eForms import function that updates existing data based on a linking filed such as the SIN or name.

The 2023 AvanTax eForms Production Release (2023.107) Is Now Available!

A bug has been found affecting Relevé 1 data entry.

When entering data using the Relevé 1 Data Entry Screen, it is possible for multiple T4 slips to be created, each one containing a portion of the data on the Relevé 1 slip. Additionally, under certain circumstances, if you were to view and browse the spurious T4 slips created by this process, you may find additional duplicate Relevé 1 slips are also created. The effect may be more pronounced if you have the province of employment set to “QC” in the company setup. Until the new upgrade is installed it is recommended that you change the default province of employment in the company setup to a blank if it is presently set to 'QC'.

This has been corrected in release 2023.107 of eForms.

After installing the update, you may have to clean up any Relevé 1 or T4 data that you entered manually. The number of extra slips may vary. Even if it seems like there are many slips, then simply delete the extra ones. You may have to go back and forth between the Relevé 1 and T4 screens a couple of times to make sure you got them all. Then check your work.

If there are too many Relevé 1 and T4 slips to go it may be better to delete the Relevé 1s and T4s and start over.

If it looks like the Relevé 1s are OK, but the T4s are too difficult to fix then there is a procedure involving delinking the slips, deleting the T4s and then relinking the slips again. Contact technical support for assistance.

The 2023 AvanTax eForms Production Release (2023.106) Is Now Available!

The business address which prints on the top of the T2200 & T2200N forms would not print correctly if these forms were printed for multiple companies at the same time. The business address is printed correctly when the forms are printed for a single company at a time. If you printed multiple companies at the same time then the business address associated with the first company in your selection would print on all the forms. This has been corrected in release 2023.106 of eForms.

The 2023 AvanTax eForms Production Release (2023.105) Is Now Available!

1. Note to users who print T4's for Quebec taxpayers - there is an error when printing the 3/page T4 slips whereby the QPP contributions amount (box 17) prints in the CPP contributions box (box 16). This issue is only on the 3/page T4 form; the 2/page T4 form prints correctly. This issue only affects the printed forms. The XML returns are not affected.

2. On February 5th, CRA made available their updated T2200 form for the 2023 tax season. Following extensive consultation with various clients we have been working diligently to add the new T2200 form to eForms and we are happy to report that the new T2200 form is now available in eForms. Not only that, but the new T2200 form exists in parallel with the old T2200 form, enabling clients with T2200s already underway with the old form to continue with that form. (CRA has confirmed that both the new T2200 form and the old T2200 form are valid for the 2023 tax season). The new T2200 form will be referred to as “T2200N” within eForms.