Forms Available in AvanTax eForms

AvanTax eForms enables you to prepare a multitude of Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec information returns, including electronic filing (XML), slips and summaries. The list below shows each return currently available in AvanTax eForms; with links to individual pages giving details about the return and the versions of eForms that support it.

Contact us if there's a form you need that isn't shown below.

Canada Revenue Agency

AGR-1 - Statement of Farm-Support Payments
FHSA* - First Home Savings Account
NR4 - Statement of Amounts Paid or Credited to Non-Residents of Canada
Part XVIII (FATCA)* - International Exchange of Information on Financial Accounts
Part XIX (CRS)* - Informational Exchange of Information on Financial Accounts
RRSP** - RRSP Contribution Receipt
T1204 - Government Service Contract Payments
T215 - Past Service Pension Adjustment (PSPA) Exempt from Certification
T2200 - Declaration of Conditions of Employment
T2202 - Tuition and Enrollment Certificate
T3 - Trust Information Return
T4 - Statement of Remuneration Paid
T4A - Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity and Other Income
T4A-NR - Statement of Fees, Commissions, or Other Amounts Paid to Non-Residents for Services Rendered in Canada
T4A-RCA - Statement of Distributions from a Retirement Compensation Arrangement
T4E - Statement of Employment Insurance and Other Benefits
T4PS - Statement of Employee Profit-Sharing Plan Allocations and Payments
T4RIF - Statement of Income from a Registered Retirement Income Fund
T4RSP - Statement of RRSP Income
T5 - Statement of Investment Income
T550 - Application for Registration of RSPs, ESPs or RIFs
T5007 - Statement of Benefits
T5008 - Statement of Securities Transactions
T5013 - Statement of Partnership Income
T5018 - Statement of Contract Payments
TFSA - Tax-Free Savings Account for Issuers
* Add-on module for eForms Enterprise
** RRSP receipt printing requires custom programming at addtional cost