AvanTax eForms Annual Release Cycle

Pre-Production Release ( May or June )

Pre-Production Release
( May or June )

To get a head start on setup and data entry you can download the pre-production release of AvanTax eForms, which is available after tax season in the month of May or June. The pre-production release will allow you to roll your data forward from the prior year and take care of special situations such as filing returns for business wind-ups and issuing slips for deceased taxpayers.

Initial Production Release ( December )

Initial Production Release
( December )

The initial production release of eForms is normally available in early December. It is essentially complete, with the possible exception of minor changes to printed forms requested by the CRA and Revenu Québec. It can be used to enter all your data, but we advise you to wait for the final release of the software before producing returns for filing purposes. Electronic filing is disabled in this release pending government approvals.

Final Production Release ( January )

Final Production Release
( January )

The final production release of eForms is scheduled for the beginning of January, when all CRA and Revenu Québec regulations, forms and approvals have been received. If you are an existing customer, you will be notified by e-mail when the final release is available, and you can download it from our web site. If you have requested shipping, this release will be sent to you by courier.

Program Updates ( as required )

Program Updates
( as required )

When enhancements or bug fixes are made to the software throughout the year, a program update is made available on our Downloads page and the eForms Start Page will notify users of the new version if program update checking is turned on. If the changes are considered significant, we notify all users by email.

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