T5008 - Statement of Securities Transactions

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Traders or dealers in securities have to file a T5008 information return to report purchases of securities as principal for their own account, and sales of securities they make as an agent or nominee, for any vendor. Issuers of securities and their agents or nominees use this information return to report redemptions, acquisitions, or cancellations of securities. You have to report transactions to all persons, including individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, or any other person who resides either in or outside Canada.

You have to report all security transactions falling under any section of the Income Tax Act not specifically excluded under subsection 230(3) of the Income Tax Regulations, even if no tax arises as a result of the transaction. For example, transactions undertaken under section 85 and section 85.1 of the Income Tax Act are not exempt from the requirement to report.

You must also use the T5008 information return to report dispositions or redemptions of debt obligations in bearer form by individuals resident in Canada. Debt obligations in bearer form include commercial paper and banker's acceptances.