T4 - Statement of Remuneration Paid

Here's how AvanTax eForms helps you prepare T4 slips:
  • User friendly T4 data entry
  • Import T4 data from CSV, Excel, or CRA XML submission file*
  • Print T4 slips and summaries on plain paper or CRA forms
  • Create individual T4 slips (password protected PDF) for electronic distribution**
  • Distribute recipient T4 slips by email or corporate portal**
  • Prepare T4 XML files and upload over CRA's Internet File Transfer portal
  • Easily process original, amended, cancelled and additional T4 returns
  • PLUS!
    • Roll forward previous year T4 data into current year
    • Roll forward current year T4 data into following year
    • Unlimited technical support by phone, email or live chat
    • and much more!

* eForms Standard & Enterprise
** eForms Enterprise

Canadian employers and employers operating in Canada must prepare and issue T4 slips to report all employment income paid to employees along with the income tax and other amounts deducted. Employment income includes salary, wages, bonuses, vacation pay, tips, commissions, taxable benefits and allowances, and all other remuneration paid to employees during the year.