Custom Paper Services

We partner with Canadian Printing Services to offer our customers the paper and envelopes they require for their tax filing needs. You can reach them here:

Be sure to let them know that you were referred by ELM Computer Systems!

Perforated Paper for CRA & Revenu Québec Approved Forms:

Available Papers and Envelopes

In addition to printing on the pre-printed forms supplied by CRA and Revenu Québec, AvanTax eForms can also produce government-approved facsimiles on blank paper. Several types of plain and perforated paper are offered which may be used for printing these facsimilies. The perforated paper provides for convenient separation of the recipient copies of the slips.

The table here lists the paper & envelopes that are available for purchase from Canadian Printing Resources. Be sure to mention that you were referred by ELM Computer Systems.

Order Perforated Paper
Paper Description
White 3 part perforated letter
White 2 part perforated letter
Pink 3 part perforated letter
Blue 3 part perforated letter
Yellow 3 part perforated letter
Plain blue letter
Plain pink letter
5 ¾" X 9" single-window envelopes
5 ¾" X 9" double-window envelopes

Single & Double Window Envelopes For T4, T4A, NR4, T4A-NR, T4PS & T2202 Slips:

If you prepare and distribute T4, T4A, NR4, T4A-NR, T4PS or T2202 slips, then you will need a specialized envelope to ensure that they can be securely mailed to the recipient.

For the NR4, T4A-NR, or T2202 slips you'll need the single window envelopes, and for the T4, T4A, or T4PS slips you'll need the double window envelopes.

Our single & double window envelopes are specially designed for distributing Canadian tax slips which are printed 2 per page. They are 5.75 X 9 inches in size and feature a security pattern to protect the confidential information on the enclosed tax forms.

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