Company Menu


The Company Menu will not be activated until a database is opened (using the File menu).




Company Menu (Lite, Basic & Standard)



Company Menu (Enterprise)


New Company - Creates a new company


Select Company - Selects from a list of existing companies


Company Setup - Used to change general Company Information, Adjustment Options and Net Pay calculation settings


Delete Company - Deletes the current company after confirmation


Adjust/Unadjust T4 Slips - Opens the Adjustment Report to adjust the T4/RL-1 slips for the current or selected companies


Unlock All Companies in Database - Closes all companies locked open (generally by improper program termination)


Company Filing Status (Enterprise) - Opens the Filing Status window in which the filing status of information returns for any company can be reported


Remove Slips - Opens the Remove Slips window in which all slips of any type can be permanently removed from any or all companies


Items that are greyed out are not available because: (i) The function is not supported by the installed eForms version; (ii) The function is not required by the current form; (iii) A database has not been opened or (iv) No data has been entered.