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Tools Menu (Enterprise)


Convert Databases - Used to Convert databases from 2017 into the 2018 eForms format


Merge Companies - Opens the Merge Companies dialogue


Transfer Companies - Opens the Transfer Companies dialogue


Global Changes - Make global changes to Adjustment Options, Contact Information, Slip Information or Removes slips of any type from any or all companies


Import/Export Data - Allows you to import or export data to and from eForms. Data may be imported from Excel and XML format files (you can also use the Open Excel Templates from this menu to access the Excel Templates to help you properly format an import file). Data can be exported from any form into a CSV format file


Import User Information from Last Year's eForms - Imports user setup information from 2017 eForms into 2018 eForms installation


Create Slips from Another Type (under development) - Use Create Slips from Another Type to create slips of one type from already existing slips of another type


Event Viewer (Enterprise) - Opens the Event Viewer window in which significant events occurring during use of eForms can be reported


Find Database - Use the Find Database tool to locate a database when its location has been "forgotten"


Items that are greyed out may not be available for any of the following reasons:


The function is not supported by the installed eForms version
The function is not required by the current form
A database has not been opened
No data has been entered