Reports Menu


The Reports Menu will not be activated until a company has been entered (using the Company menu).




Reports Menu (Lite, Basic & Standard)



Reports Menu (Enterprise)

(NOTE: Forms have been removed to show only functions unique to each eForms version)


The Reports Menu is used to prepare the various information slips for printing. Clicking on a form will display all reports available for that form.


E-Filing History Report - Opens the Electronic Filing History Report to show return types that have been electronically filed


Validate Data Before Filing - Federal - Opens the Validation Report to check CRA form data for errors


Validate Data Before Filing - Quebec - Opens the Validation Report to check MRQ form data for errors


E-mail Recipient Slips (Enterprise) - Email recipient copies to recipient's email address


Company Summary (Basic, Standard & Enterprise) - Validates data against the CRA schema prior to electronic filing


Company Filing Status (Enterprise) - Opens the Filing Status window by which the filing status of information returns for any company can be reported


Company Statistics - Reports the number of companies, slips of each type per company and the average number of slips per company


More - Select this item to display the Configure Database dialogue which will allow you to enable & disable forms within the current database


Forms available from the Reports Menu are dependant on the version of eForms that has been installed; refer to About eForms for a list of forms available in each version.