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CPP/QPP, EI, PPIP/QPIP & Taxable Dividends Rates for 2022

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Benefits of Using AvanTax eForms Software

Some may ask "Why use AvanTax eForms when I can use Product X to do the same thing?" Our clients know that the advantages of using eForms stand out on their own; for those who have not had the chance to evaluate eForms we offer the following list of benefits:

Import Data from CSV, Excel & XML Files

eForms Standard and Enterprise are able to import data from CSV & Excel files (formatted according to our guidelines) and XML files (using the CRA & Revenu Québec schemas) created by any other product. If you want to switch to or try eForms you will not have to re-enter any data. Simply create an appropriate source file, import it into eForms and you're done!

eForms can import existing data from CSV, Excel and any compatible XML file; there is no need to re-key any data.

Fast, Easy Electronic XML Filing

AvanTax eForms' CRA and Revenu Québec approved software makes electronic filing your information returns quick and easy!...read more about e-filing information returns

Submit Amended and Cancelled Returns Electronically

Not only can eForms create XML returns containing Original slips, eForms can also create electronic returns containing Amended and Cancelled slips. Because eForms can file Amended and Cancelled returns electronically, you will not be required to submit them on paper.

Industry Leading Technical Support

The eForms technical support staff will do all that is possible to answer any question or resolve any problem encountered by eForms users. With their vast experience they can answer your question quickly and accurately. If you spend more than 15 minutes on your problem, call and they'll help you.

eForms users can depend on expert and pleasant technical support; in most situations our staff will resolve your problem in minutes.

Data Retention

Data entered in eForms, even in the demo version, is usable by any future release. There is no need to re-key data when moving from this year's eForms to the next. Data backup and restore processes are built in so you can backup or restore data at any time.

eForms easily rolls data forward to later releases; there is no need to modify or re-enter any data that is constant from year to year.

Ease of Use

Filing season is stressful at the best of times. eForms can't remove all the stress but its easy menus and straight forward data entry will eliminate a good deal of it. Buttons and options are where you expect to find them; data entry is a snap and global changes of common data can be made with no trouble at all.

eForms is designed to be simple to use; it can't get your coffee but it will make life easier.

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All eForms versions allow database locks to prevent outside access to client and user data. eForms Standard and Enterprise versions additionally enable administrators to limit access to client and user data to specific users.

eForms ensures data privacy; only approved users can enter, edit and view data.