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AvanTax eForms Version Comparison

To address the needs of various business environments, ELM Computer Systems offers four versions of AvanTax eForms. Refer to the Version Comparison Chart below to choose the version that best suits your requirements.

To make it even easier to join our team, first time eForms clients can buy any eForms version at a 50% discount off the regular price.

AvanTax eForms Comparison Chart

50% price discount for all new clients
Platform (Note 1)
Windows (7, 8 & 10)
Max. number of companies
Limited only by your system resources
Max. number of slips per return
User friendly data entry
Display slips & summaries side-by-side
Identify and automatically adjust (reversible) over/under paid CPP/QPP, EI & QPIP.
Roll forward previous year's data (Note 2)
Fully functional trial version (Download)
Best Technical Support in the business!
Email: 9am - 8pm EST, Mon - Fri
Tel: 9am - 5pm EST, Mon - Fri
Product updates for current year
T4, T4A, T5, R1, R3
NR4, RRSP, T4PS, T4RIF, T4RSP, T4A-NR, T4A-RCA, T5007, T5008, T5018, T2200, T2202A, T1204, TFSA, R2, R8, R11, R17, R18, R22, R24, R25, R27, R30, R31, TP-64
T5013 & R15 partnership returns
T3 & TP-646 trust income returns (Note 3)
Electronic / Internet file CRA & RQ XML files
Batch Electronic / Internet filing
On-screen preview of all reports
Batch print to CRA & RQ approved facsimiles
Batch print to CRA & RQ supplied forms
Process subset of recipient slips
Original, Amended or Cancelled
Any subset
Print recipient slips filtered on value of any field
Create password protected PDFs of recipient slips
Save reports in CSV, HTML, PDF, RTF, XLS, TXT & JPG formats
Import data from CSV or Excel (Note 4)
Import data from CRA/RQ XML files created by 3rd party payroll & other sources
Import recipient data for multiple companies
Update existing recipient data during import
AvanTax Import Service - We import your data & provide a complete eForms database (Note 5)
$150.00 per return, or each 1,000 slips in return
Export slip information to CSV format
Company filing status reports
Enhanced company filing status reports
System event viewer
Workstation Network (client-server) installation options
Open/save databases to any accessible storage
Transfer and merge data between databases
Globally modify generic slip & summary data
Single user database access
Multiple user database access
Control database access by user
Retain user preferences across sessions
Roll forward previous year's user preferences
Independent user accounts
User account administration
Price - Annual Site License - Unlimited Support
50% price discount for all new clients (Note 6)

(1) eForms requires a current version of Windows and supports Windows on Apple hardware with Boot Camp or Parallels.
(2) Databases created with eForms Basic, Standard or Enterprise are interchangeable. Databases created by eForms Lite can be transferred to any other version by our staff for a fee.
(3) Includes T3 slip, T3 summary, T3 return, RL-16 slip and TP-646 return.
(4) Import from Excel requires Microsoft Excel to be installed.
(5) Each return consists of one summary and its associated slips. Improperly formatted import files will result in additional charges.
(6) Discount is available to first time clients only (those not already existing in our database) and cannot be applied to the purchase of supplies.

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