Internet Filing to Revenu Québec


eForms is able to utilize Revenu Québec’s URL for Internet filing of Relevé returns. Because the Revenu Québec website may be changed without notice the screen captures below may not be current.


When the Internet filing option is selected as the destination for the Electronic Filing submission an Internet Filing dialog box will appear once the Process button is selected. You will be warned if the file size exceeds the maximum of 150Mb allowed by the Revenu Québec for Internet filing. Make note of the information given, and click the Go to Internet Filing Page button to continue. The Revenu Québec Internet File Transfer web page at the following URL will open:


Click the Access to service button, which will open a logon page where you will enter the username and password assigned to your firm by the Revenu Québec. Once this information has been entered and validated you will be prompted to upload a file containing the company data in XML format to the Revenu Québec website.


Here you will be prompted to upload the XML file created by eForms that contains the company data in XML format to the Revenu Québec website. The XML file will be located in eForms' XML Output folder. This folder can be located by using the FILE LOCATIONS option under the SETUP menu in eForms. eForms saves all XML files in the following format:




where “COMPANY_NAME” is the name of the company for which the file has been created with all space characters replace by an underscore character; “xxx’ is a sequential number applied by eForms to ensure that older files are not overwritten, and “XML” is the default file type designator required by Revenu Québec. If the submission is for multiple companies, "COMPANY_NAME" will be replaced my "MULTIPLE_COMPANIES."


eForms Standard and Enterprise are able to batch submit returns for multiple companies and multiple return types over the Internet in a single file which can be no larger than 150Mb in size.


eForms Lite and Basic are limited to submitting single returns over the Internet for a single company at a time. As above, the file can be no larger than 150Mb in size. If you are using one of these eForms versions to file electronic returns for a significant number of clients it may be in your best interest to upgrade to the eForms Standard or Enterprise.