Internet Filing to CRA


eForms is able to utilize CRA’s URL for Internet filing of returns.


When the Internet filing option is selected as the destination for the Electronic Filing submission an Internet Filing dialog box will appear once the Process button is selected. You will be warned if the file size exceeds the maximum of 150Mb allowed by CRA for Internet filing. Make note of the name and location of the XML file that is provided in Step 6 then click the "Go to Internet Filing Page" button to continue. The CRA Internet File Transfer web page at the following URL will open:


Clicking on "Enter Internet File Transfer (XML) Secure Web Site" will open the “Disclaimer - Internet File Transfer (XML)” page. You are encouraged to read all the terms and conditions on this page and you must click on the "I agree" at the bottom of the page before you can enter the Internet File Transfer site. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions a new webpage will open in which you will be prompted to enter:


the Account Number of the company for which you are filing an Internet return




the Web Access Code of that company


If you are submitting returns on behalf of multiple companies, you should enter:


your company's Account Number




your company's Web Access Code


Notes on the Account Number and the Web Access Code


The Account Number and the Web Access Code are not interchangeable; they are two different numbers of two different formats used in two different capacities. Contact the CRA at 877-322-7849 if you have not received your Account Number or Web Access Code by the time you are ready to submit an electronic return.


While the Account Number and Web Access Code are used to grant access to the Internet filing website, they do not serve to identify the entity submitting the XML file. Filer and filee identification information is contained within the XML file and is taken from the Electronic Filing Page (accessed through User Settings under the Setup menu).


Once the appropriate Account Number and Web Access Code have been entered and validated you will be taken to a webpage where you will be prompted to upload the XML file created by eForms that contains the company data in XML format to the CRA website. The XML file will be located in eForms' XML Output folder. This folder can be located by using the FILE LOCATIONS option under the SETUP menu in eForms. eForms saves all XML files in the following format:




where “COMPANY_NAME” is the name of the company for which the file has been created with all space characters replace by an underscore character; “xxx’ is a sequential number applied by eForms to ensure that older files are not overwritten, and “XML” is the default file type designator required by CRA. If the submission is for multiple companies, "COMPANY_NAME" will be replaced by "MULTIPLE_COMPANIES."


eForms Standard and Enterprise are able to batch submit returns for multiple companies and multiple return types over the Internet in a single file which can be no larger than 150Mb in size (if your file is larger than 150Mb you can either compress it or split your return into sections). In this case you must use:


either your company's Transmitter Number or Account Number (Business Number)
and your company's Web Access Code


to access the CRA website as you are acting as an agent for multiple companies.


eForms Lite and Basic are limited to submitting single returns over the Internet for a single company at a time. As above, the file can be no larger than 150Mb in size. If you are using one of these eForms versions to file electronic returns for a significant number of clients it may be in your best interest to upgrade to the eForms Standard or Enterprise.


Making a Payment

If you must make a payment with your submission you can visit CRA's My Payment website; if your financial institution is supported you can setup your payment options as necessary.