Instructions for Revenu Québec Returns


The following instructions are provided here for convenient reference. For complete details see the Revenu Québec website.


1. Electronic filing submissions may be made by Internet. A complete electronic filing submission contains the transmitter identification as well as the slip and summary information for each return. No paper forms are required with the submission.


2. Anyone making an electronic filing submission must have a Transmitter Number.


3. Returns for employers filing over 50 returns are required by Revenu Québec to be filed electronically. Internet submissions may not exceed 150Mb. If the transmission exceeds 150Mb, contact the Division de lacquisition des données électroniques (866-814-8392) for information on how to proceed.


4. Do not send Revenu Québec paper copies of any returns that have been filed electronically.


5. You must send Revenu Québec a paper copy of the summaries by mail. Form RLZ-1.S-V can be transmitted using a Clic Revenu online service.


6. If corrections need to be made to a submission that has already been sent to Revenu Québec, contact the department above for further information.