Filing on CD or DVD


eForms Standard & Enterprise Only


When the CD or DVD option is selected as the destination for the Electronic Filing submission you will be prompted to enter the Submission Sequence Number. This is a number from 1 to 999 that will identify the sequence of submissions that you submit to the CRA as a transmitter. Regardless of your client, enter "1" for your first submission, "2" for your second, etc. The number you enter will be included in the filename so CRA will know that it is a unique submission. Enter the appropriate number as requested and click the OK button.


If you enter a duplicate number you will be warned that the filename already exists and given the opportunity to keep the sequence number you have entered and overwrite the existing file (if you did not submit the original and are re-doing the submission) or to change the sequence number (if the sequence number was entered incorrectly).


You will then be given the path and filename of the file to be sent to CRA. Make careful note of this information.


View XML File in Browser

Click this button to see the file that will be sent to CRA.


Print Company List

This company list can be used to track which companies have been filed on which submission. Keep this for your own records, there is no need to send a copy to CRA with your submission.


Creating the submission CD or DVD

If you are filing 50 slips or less you can use your own software to burn the indicated file onto a CD or DVD. Label the CD or DVD with your name and telephone number so that the CRA can contact you if you need to re-file your submission. Provide complete external labeling showing the transmitter's name and telephone number, the Transmitter Number and your submission file name.