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T4s and So Much More!

"I've been using eForms for more than 20 years and thanks to your brilliant programming I've never had a complaint about the software."

Canadian Tax Information Slips & Returns Software

Niagara Falls, Winter

AvanTax eForms has been the business favourite to prepare Canadian tax information slips and returns for thirty years! We are the first choice of thousands of corporations, non-profits and accounting & human resource management services across Canada and the United States.

We're 100% Canadian. We understand the Canadian tax system and we've designed eForms to help you quickly and easily process many CRA & RQ tax information slips; from the T4, T4A, T5, RL-1 & RL-3 forms to the new RL-31.

Since CRA & RQ have approved every paper, PDF and XML form we produce, you can rest assured that your return will meet federal and provincial requirements.

Try our Free Trial today and see how eForms saves time and makes life easier! Or if you're ready to go, you can buy eForms now and download it here!

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