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To allow us to file your return on time, please provide your data at least five business days ahead of its filing deadline.


AvanTax Filing Services in 4 steps

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Software to prepare your Canadian tax slips in-house

We Process Canadian Tax Information Returns

Feeling overwhelmed?Are you overwhelmed by the work to process your Canadian tax information slips? Let AvanTax Filing Services take care of everything. We'll do it all:

  • Import your tax data into our system
  • Produce and submit Federal and Provincial XML files
  • Prepare PDF slip & summary reports
  • Print CRA or RQ recipient slips (optional)
  • Mail recipient slips (optional)
  • Email PDF recipient slips (optional)
  • Supply PDF copies of all output for your records
  • Provide XML submission confirmation

Let us prepare and file your return for you; we process over 25 Canadian tax information returns, including T4, T4A, T5, Rl-1 & RL-3 slips and the brand new RL-31 slip. With our many years of experience, you can rest assured that your data will be processed quickly, accurately and in accordance with CRA & RQ guidelines!

You can relax! We've been involved with Canadian tax for decades, we'll make it all work out:

  • We're 100% Canadian, eh!
  • We've been working in Canadian tax since 1987
  • We file federal and provincial information returns
  • We file current, amended and cancelled returns
  • We process Canadian tax slips for any jurisdiction
  • We'll convert any type of data, tax or otherwise, into XML
  • We will not use your data for any other purpose
  • We retain encrypted backups of all work ... just in case

Thank you for visiting the AvanTax Filing Services website. Please contact us with your questions; we can help.