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AvanTax Filing Services Options

Avantax Filing Services offers a range of options to suit any filing need; from processing and submitting a small electronic return to printing, mailing/emailing and XML filing tens of thousands of slips. Getting started is easy; our How To Guide outlines everything you need to know and our Online Calculator estimates what your job would cost.

AvanTax eForms Filing Services Standard Package

Our Standard Package imports your data into our system, provides preliminary reports for your review and prepares and submits XML files to CRA or RQ in accordance with their requirements.

Learn more about our Standard Package.

Recipient Slip Options

Our Recipient Slip Options prints recipient slips to our own CRA & RQ approved forms or creates individual recipient PDFs for electronic distribution. Or both!

Learn more about our Recipient Slip Options.

Folding & Enveloping

Our Folding and Enveloping Options prepares printed slips for mailing with our folding and return address printing services. We can also sell Paper and Envelopes direct to you if you wish to print and envelope the forms yourself.

Learn more about our Folding & Enveloping Options.

Postage Options

Our Postage Options prepares the slips for mailing by applying postage (rates subject to change), optionally printing a return address on each envelope and delivering the completed mailing to a postal gateway for mailing.

Learn more about our Postage Options.

Custom Options

Our flexibility allows us to tailor our services to your company's unique needs. Please feel free to contact us for a personalized Custom Quote if you require a specific service or combination of services other than those outlined above. AvanTax Filing Services will customize a solution and price for your unique needs.

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