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Relevé 27 (RL-27) - Government Payments


The Relevé 27 slip must be filed by any department or agency of the Gouvernement du Québec that made contractual payments or paid subsidies to individuals (or trusts), corporations or partnerships.

RL-27 Slip - Relevé 27: Government Payments
AvanTax eForms Relevé 27 data entry screen

The Relevé 27 slip is intended to promote compliance with fiscal laws. The amounts shown on the Relevé 27 slip are amounts received froma department or agency of the Gouvernement du Québec during the year concerned. While they do not necessarily correspond to the amounts you are required to report for the year, they must be taken into account in calculating your income or that of the trust, corporation or partnership, as applicable.

Note that the payer of the amounts reported on the Relevé 27 slip files a copy of the slip with Revenu Québec. The information on the Relevé 27 slip is used by the recipient to complete the personal income tax return; form CO-17, Déclaration de revenus des sociétés; form TP-600-V, Partnership Information Return; or form TP-646-V, Trust Income Tax Return.


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