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Avantax Filing Services - Client Case Studies

We can help you, often in ways beyond simply filing your returns. To illustrate, we offer these examples of filing services we've performed. Of course, our services are not limited to these examples; so if you have any questions or concerns about your unique requirements please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss them in detail.

Case Study # 1 - Event Supply Company

This company supplies media events across the country. As with many companies needing to file with both the CRA and Revenu Québec, this company was unsure of which specific forms they were required to submit, and to whom. Further complicating matters was the fact that the company needed to file its returns under two different names, with similar employee information under each name.

We completed the client's T4 & T4A submissions without issue and informed them that Relevé 1 submissions to the Revenu Québec would also be required. We were able to create the necessary Relevé 1 slips from the T4 & T4A information already on file and, with some additional Québec-specific information from the client, successfully submitted the Relevé 1 returns.

Many companies are unfamiliar with or unaware of the intricacies of both the CRA and the Revenu Québec, our experience and expertise with both allows us to help our clients file with both agencies easily and efficiently. This company is now a valued return client.

Case Study # 2 - International Investments Administration Firm

This company needed slips processed for fifteen separate firms which were divided amongst five investment organizations, which were then all umbrella'd under our client company's name. As well, the types of forms and filings needed for each company were different. Of course, their internal accounting system had been set up to serve their unique needs, and wasn't necessarily set up to automatically produce output in the proper format, or even grouped in a submittable way.

We first had to come to understand the structure of their companies and determine how to organize the data so that it could be submitted correctly yet make sense to their internal accounting and records keeping. Using our filing experience and expertise we were able to come up with a solution which worked for all parties, and the returns were filed efficiently and without incident.

Not surprsingly, the large amount of data sent to us was not without error. While the client is ultimately responsible for the accuracy and format of their data, we were able to utilize our experience to find the critical errors (everything from missing Social Insurance Numbers to data being incorrectly formatted) and were also able to suggest possible causes and solutions to the client.

Once these issues were understood and resolved, the returns were filed without problem or delay. We also prepared and printed all recipient forms and had them mailed to their recipients. This client is now a valued return customer and has recommended our services to others.

Ensuring the accuracy and validity of even large amounts of client data is something on which we pride ourselves at Avantax Filing Services. Our experience and hands-on approach from start to finish will help simplify tax filing season for you, even when dealing with seemingly overwhelming amounts of data and issues.

Case Study # 3 - Reporting of Unclaimed Property

An AvanTax Filing Services client, already using us to produce their T5008 returns, asked if we could prepare their unclaimed property submission to the Alberta government. Upon review of their requirements, we were able to confirm that we could process their data and submit the XML files as requested. Upon modifying our system to import data from a fixed-format text file, we were able to process all 700 owners, filtering out those whose property values fell below a specific threshold, and make the appropriate submissions to Alberta Unclaimed Property.