Using Serial (Relevé) Numbers in Electronic Returns


The Revenu Québec assigns serial numbers to filers of electronic returns, as opposed to paper returns where serial numbers are assigned to ELM Computer Systems and re-distributed among eForms users. You have the option to set the electronic serial number by using the Set Serial Number button on the Electronic Filing screen for the Relevé in question; simply click on this button and you will be able to enter the appropriate serial number from the range assigned to you by the Revenu Québec.


Relevé slips will display two serial numbers:


The top serial number is associated with the magnetic media submission and is assigned when you process the XML output, not when the slips are printed.  Setting the starting serial number does not assign the numbers to the slips.
The bottom serial number is associated with the paper copy and is assigned when the forms are printed


The procedure to ensure that both serial number print correctly on any paper Relevé slips would be to:


Enter the slips into eForms
Check for errors in data entry
Process the electronic filing submission file  (This assigns the top serial number)
Print the slips – this will assign the bottom serial number.  Since the XML processing was done first, both serial numbers will print