Opening a Database




Before you can use eForms you will need to open a database. Choose Open Database from the File menu and browse to the path and folder that contains the desired database. Select or type the name of the database to be opened in the File name field. You can open databases with the following filename extensions:


T11N: Previous year's (2011) eForms (or T4 TimeSaver) database

T12N: Current year's (2012) eForms database


When you open a 2011 eForms (or T4 TimeSaver) database you will be asked if you wish to convert the selected database into the 2012  eForms database format. If you do so, a new 2012 database will be created with the same name as the source database containing all of the company and employee information of the source database. The source database will not be affected.


If no database exists you will not be able to use eForms until you create a database by selecting New database from the File menu.


NOTE: If you cannot access most items under the "Company" Menu, the likely cause is that no database has been opened. You can only create a company or enter company information when a database is open. Likewise, you will only be able to enter forms once a company has been created.