Instructions for CRA Returns


The following instructions are provided here for a convenient reference. For complete details see the CRA website.


1. Electronic filing submissions may be made by Internet or on a media such as a CD, or DVD. A complete electronic filing submission contains the transmitter identification as well as the slip and summary information for each return. No paper forms are required with the submission.


2. Anyone making an electronic filing submission must have a Transmitter Number. If you do not have a Transmitter Number, contact the CRA at 1-800-665-5164 to be assigned one. If you cannot obtain a Transmitter Number, use the default Transmitter Number of MM555555. You should be assigned a Transmitter Number for the subsequent year which you should use from then on.


3. Filers of any combination of returns totalling over 50 slips are required by CRA to file their submission over the Internet. Internet submissions may not exceed 150Mb. If your submissions is larger than 150Mb it must either be compressed or split into separate submissions to fall below the 150Mb limit. The CRA encourages all employers who use computerized methods to generate returns to submit them to the CRA electronically.


4. An electronic filing submission may contain only one CD or DVD. It may contain more than one type of return* and it may contain returns for more than one company* (* eForms Standard and Enterprise Only). CD or DVD submissions cannot contain more than 50 slips. If you have multiple submissions each submission must be submitted in a separate envelope. Multiple envelopes may be taped together for simplified mailing. Submissions should be sent to:


Electronic Media Processing Unit
Ottawa Technology Centre
Canada Revenue Agency
875 Heron Road
Ottawa ON K1A 1A2


Telephone: 1-800-665-5164


5. Do not send CRA paper copies of any returns that have been filed electronically.


6. If corrections need to be made to a submission that has already been sent to CRA, create an electronic filing submission of the amended and/or cancelled returns and submit it to the Electronic Media Processing Unit. Do not send any original returns in the same submission as amended returns.