AvanTax eForms

Production Release (2021.105)

January 28, 2022

Jan 28, 2022 (Production Release 2021.105)

1 Install this release if you print federal T5013 slips and schedules or the T3 slip and return or the RL-16 Slip. The previous release gave an error whenever you tried to print these forms.
2 We corrected a problem with eForms where under certain circumstances, PDF copies of forms were not being retained on disk after closing the print function. This only occurred for eForms Enterprise users who were printing forms for a single company with the options set to group by company and to create separate PDF for each selected company. All other settings options work as intended.
3 We have noticed that the data entry screens for the 3 Quebec forms listed below have some out-of-date text displayed for some users.
  • RL-1 Summary
  • RL-8 Slip
  • RL-18 Slip
Please see the information below to see if this issue applies to you.

RL-1 Summary

The section for “Reduction of the contribution to the health services fund” has been removed from the RL-1 Summary for 2021. These were boxes 37a, 37b and 37c.

There are situations where the RL-1 Summary data entry screen will still display the related questions.

This issue does not create invalid output on the calculations, Printing or XML. It is cosmetic only and can be ignored.

If you encounter this error, you can ignore the issue, but if you install the new release, it will correct the display.

RL-8 Slip

Under some situations, the Québec RL-8 data entry screen may see last year’s numbers for Box A (Amount for post-secondary studies) in the on-screen hints.

If you enter the wrong amount, the electronic filing will show you an error message and prevent you from producing the XML; printing will not display an error message and will always print the data as entered. The correct amounts for 2021 are ($0.00, $3021.00 or $6042.00); the amounts for 2020 were: ($0.00, $2,983.00 or $5,966.00).

If you encounter this problem, you can ignore it as long as you enter the numbers correctly. The issue only relates to on screen text. If you install the new release, it will correct the issue.

RL-18 Slip

If you prepare RL-18 Slips it is recommended that you install this update to eForms.

Some of the edit checks and descriptions on the RL-18 data entry screen may not work optimally. If you install the new release, it will correct the issue.

Jan 21, 2022 (Production Release 2021.104)

1 AvanTax eForms has been updated to print the 2021 version of the CRA form T2200S (Declaration of Conditions of Employment for Working at Home Due to COVID-19)
2 We have updated the T4A to include a minor text change to the description of Box 13 as well as some text changes to the instruction sheet for the T4A. Consider downloading this update if you do T4As and want to print the instructions. However, if you have already printed T4As or instruction sheets they will not need to be reprinted. The change to the instructions pertain only to Repayment of COVID-19 financial assistance (Box code 201).

Jan 14, 2022 (Production Release 2021.103)

1 All forms and XML output have been updated to the 2021 version where applicable.
2 We have added the CRA form AGR-1 (Statement of Farm-Support Payments) to eForms Basic, Standard and Enterprise.
3 The printing of the Quebec RL-16 is now enabled.
4 The printing of the T3 and T3 Return is now enabled.

Dec 20, 2021 (Production Release 2021.102)

1 All forms and XML output have been updated to the 2021 version where applicable.
2 We are presently working to add the form AGR-1 (Statement of Farm-Support Payments) to eForms. It will be available sometime in early January.
3 The processing of the Quebec RL16 is disabled pending government approval and will be updated in a future release of AvanTax eForms
4 The processing of the federal T3 slips and T3 return is disabled pending CRA approval and will be updated in a future release of AvanTax eForms.

Oct 29, 2021 (Pre-Production Release 2021.101)

1 Printing certification signatures on summaries and the T2200, T2200S & TP64 forms has been greatly simplified.
2 The new Forms Centre gives central access to all major forms.
3 The new Reports Centre gives central access to all major reports.
4 Added Sequence Number editing for all Amended and Cancelled Revenu Québec slips.
5 Notes can now be attached to slip, summary and company data.
6 Preparation of individual recipient PDF slips has been made more robust.
7 Individual recipient PDF slips can be selected for emailing based on slip status (Original, Amended or Cancelled).
8 XML validation error messaging system has been improved and expanded.

May 17, 2021 (Pre-Production Release 2021.100)

1 All rates and constants have been updated for the 2021 taxation year.
2 Data may be rolled forward from the 2020 AvanTax eForms.
3 All forms printing / XML output is in 2020 format, but may be used for filing 2021 returns.

The remainder of this document contains information on the following topics:

  Contact Information for ELM Computer Systems
  Converting Prior Year Program and User Settings
  System Requirements
  Installing AvanTax eForms
  Network Installation
  Registering AvanTax eForms
  Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader
  History of AvanTax eForms releases

Contact Information for ELM Computer Systems

  Toll Free: 1-800-268-3211
Toronto: (416) 495-1624
French support: (514) 499-9669
  Fax Number: (416) 495-0044
  E-Mail: support@avantax.ca
  Website: www.avantax.ca
  Mailing address:

ELM Computer Systems Inc.
One Valleywood Drive
Suite 200
Markham, Ontario L3R 5L9

Converting Prior Year Program and User Settings

Your tax slip data can be rolled forward from AvanTax eForms 2020 by selecting Convert Last Year's Databases from the Tools menu or Convert a 2020 Database from the File menu.  AvanTax eForms does not automatically import user settings from the previous year's software during the installation process.  You may use Import User Information from Last Year's Program in the Tools menu to import user information.

System Requirements

eForms will run on any current version of Windows (32 bit or 64 bit). We cannot guarantee that eForms will work on versions of Windows no longer supported by Microsoft and we may not be able to resolve problems encountered while running eForms on these versions.

The Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0 or higher must be installed on the computer. If, during program installation, a Network Administrator Installation is selected, the .NET Framework installation package will be copied to the network location and will be installed if required when NETNODE.EXE is run. If a Workstation Installation is selected and the Framework is not installed, you will be prompted to download the .NET Framework installation  package from the Internet.

Installing AvanTax eForms

If you downloaded the install file (eForms2021Setup.exe) from www.avantax.ca, simply run it and follow the instructions. If you are installing from a CD, insert the CD and wait a few seconds for the setup program to start up. If it does not start automatically, run D:SETUP.EXE (replacing D: with the drive letter of your CD drive). Follow the on-screen instructions.  If you are running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, you may have to right click on the installation file and select "Run as administrator" to start the installation.

Network Installation

If you want to run AvanTax eForms from more than one workstation, you can do a Workstation installation on each computer, but for ease of installation and centralizing subsequent program updates, it is recommended that you install the program on a network drive where it can be accessed by all network users. This type of installation is called a Network Administrator installation.

When you start the installation, select "Network Administrator" as the type of installation and complete the installation to a network drive. Then run NETNODE.EXE from each workstation to install the program on the workstations. A shortcut will be created on the workstation's desktop and in the Start menu.

When installed as a "node", AvanTax eForms can also run in off-line mode, which allows laptop users to run the program when out of the office (accessing local data and user settings), and then reconnect to the network when back in the office.

Registering AvanTax eForms

To register this copy of the program, simply enter the unique authorization code issued to you by ELM Computer Systems. Until this code is entered, the program will print "VOID" on the slips and summaries, and some of the features of AvanTax eForms Standard or Enterprise will be unavailable. You may continue to use AvanTax eForms without registering the program. All the data you enter will be saved. The opportunity to register will be available every time you start the program until registration has been completed.

Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader

AvanTax eForms uses the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing returns (slips and summaries). You must have Acrobat 5.x or above. To install or upgrade Acrobat Reader you may download Acrobat Reader from Adobe's website http://get.adobe.com/reader.   If you have difficulty downloading or installing the software, visit Adobe's website at www.adobe.com.

History of AvanTax eForms releases


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AvanTax eForms is developed and supported by ELM Computer Systems, Inc. 
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