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May 17, 2021 - eForms 2021.100
Production Release | Details

eForms and COVID-19 | Details

eForms includes full support for the new T4 Other Information codes (57, 58, 59 & 60) and the T2200S form



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Prepare XML files for CRA and RQ

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AvanTax eForms Products and Pricing

"It's the slickest thing I've ever seen in my life...Wowser! The Enterprise version is the sweetest thing you'll ever use!" (a client after emailing individual recipient slips)

One size does not fit all, so we offer a variety of AvanTax eForms versions; each including a set of features designed to satisfy the unique needs of any firm. No matter how large or how small.

AvanTax also offers many additional services to make your job easier; click to see how we can help you.

Our free version, eForms FREE!, is given to companies preparing ten or fewer T4, T4A, T5, Relevé 1 or Relevé 3 slips for a single organization! Click here to get it

eForms Standard eForms Enterprise





Small business tax filings

• Processes T4, T4A, T5, Relevé 1 & Relevé 3 returns

• Electronic (XML) return submission to CRA & Revenu Québec

• 5 companies; 25 slips of each type per company

• Single-user database

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All eForms Lite features, PLUS:

• Over 35 CRA forms and reports: NR4, T4A-NR, T4E, T2200S, T2202, T5018, T1204 and more!

• Over 15 RQ forms and reports: Relevé 2, Relevé 8, Relevé 30, Relevé 31 and more!

• Unlimited returns

• Transfer & merge returns across databases

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All eForms Basic features, PLUS:

• Import data from CSV, Excel & XML

• Export data to CSV

• Batch multiple companies and return types into one XML file/submission

• Concurrent, multi-user database sharing

• User database security

• T5013 & Relevé 15 partnership forms

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All eForms Standard features, PLUS:

• Advanced data import updates existing data in eForms database

• Create an individual, password protected PDF slip for each recipient

• Email secure, password protected PDF slip(s) to each recipient

• Enhanced company management and return status tracking

• T3 & Relevé 16 trust return forms

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AvanTax eForms Services

Why not offload your work to us, we'll make your life easier.

AvanTax Import Service - $150.00 per 1,000* slips - With AvanTax Import Service you just send us your data and we'll import it into an eForms database and send it back to you, ready-to-use.

AvanTax Printing Service - $350.00 per 1,000* slips - Do you have too much data and not enough time to print your slips in-house? AvanTax Printing Service can take care of any size print job for you.

AvanTax Mailing Service - $800.00 per 1,000* slips - If we're already printing your slips, you could also have us mail them. We mail tens of thousands of slips annually, let us do the work for you.

AvanTax eMail Service - $250.00 per 1,000* slips - Alternatively, if you're not distributing printed recipient slips but emailing them as PDF, we can do that too. Save time and paper and let us take care of everything.

* Contact us for details; custom quotations or to discuss large volumes

We also supply perforated paper and window envelopes which are formatted to work with the slips printed by AvanTax eForms. For more information click one of the buttons below.

Avantax Filing Services
Do you want to avoid the stress of preparing and filing your return on your own? Then take advantage of Avantax Filing Services! Simply download and populate our Excel Template and let Avantax Filing Services take care of converting your data to XML, printing and filing your returns with CRA & Revenu Québec. We'll even distribute the recipient slips for you.