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♦ 2022-05-03 - Early Production release eForms 2022.100 | Details

♦ eForms and COVID-19 | Details

♦ eForms includes the T2200S form

♦ eForms includes the AGR-1 form

♦ eForms includes the consolidated RL-18/T5008 form

♦ An optional Part XVIII & XIX module is avaible with eForms Enterprise



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♦ Prepare XML files for CRA and RQ

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AvanTax eForms Features

"eForms is an impressive gem." --- see who else has been using AvanTax eForms!

Easy to Use and Learn

File Returns Electronically

Data Import and Export (Standard & Enterprise versions)

  • Import information slips directly from Excel or CSV files you create.
  • Import data from QuickBooks, AccPac and other payroll packages; if your software can export to CSV/Excel or create an CRA/RQ XML file, then AvanTax eForms can import it.
  • Export slip information in CSV format
  • Video - Importing and Exporting

Free Technical Support

Printing Features

  • Print to government-supplied forms or to CRA & RQ approved facsimile forms
  • Returns may be saved as PDF files for easy filing and reprinting
  • Forms printed in single or batch format
  • Complete flexibility in sequence of reports, minimizing paper changes
  • Companies may be grouped and processed together
  • Extensive filtering and sorting options
  • Video - Data Entry, Forms and Reports

Powerful Editing, Reporting and Adjustment Features

  • SIN validity check
  • EI insurable earnings can be calculated based on EI deducted
  • Identification of CPP, QPP, EI and QPIP overpayments and underpayments
  • Details of over/underpayments reported
  • Automatic adjustments (controlled by the user) to correct CPP, QPP, EI and PPIP through tax
  • Company over-remittances can be credited to a specific T4/Relevé 1
  • Complete audit trail for all adjustments
  • Adjustments generated by the system can be easily reversed
  • Video - Data Entry, Forms and Reports
  • Video - Adjusting T4s and Relevé 1 Slips

Other Features

Technical Support

All versions of eForms include free technical support; both for the duration of your annual user license and for many years beyond. If you have a problem, expert help is only an email or a phone call away. We also provide training videos on every aspect of eForms; the videos are available here.

Email and live chat technical support is available Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST, and Saturday as conditions permit.

Telephone technical support is available Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

Technical support is available in English and French.