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2022-05-03 - eForms 2022.100 Early Production release | Details

2022 Rates & Constants: CPP/QPP; EI; PPIP; Taxable Dividends

Newest Additions: AGR-1; T2200S; R18/T5008; Parts XVIII & XIX add-on module for eForms Enterprise



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From this page you can download the installation files for the latest release and the free trial versions of AvanTax eForms. Refer to the release notes to confirm that updating eForms is required. To reduce the risk of data corruption, we advise that all users exit eForms before updates are installed.

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AvanTax eForms Early Production Release - Version 2022.100

  • Release Date: May 3, 2022 - Release Notes
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Microsoft Windows (8, 10, 11 & Server) on PC or Mac
  • Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0; download here if eForms will not install
  • You do not need to un-install existing eForms installations; data will be preserved
  • eForms 2022 Start Page image - Sunset on Sturgeon Lake, Bobcaygeon, ON
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    Downloading will not install eForms; refer to the User Guide or the Instructional Video for help

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    Downloading will not install eForms; refer to the User Guide or the Instructional Video for help

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