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2023-05-11 - eForms 2023.100 Production release | Details

2023 CPP/QPP, EI, PPIP/QPIP & Taxable Dividends Rates

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AvanTax eForms and Data Confidentiality

"Hi guys, thanks for helping me get your software up and running today. Fingers crossed, by Monday I should have my number ready for filing. You've been great!."

AvanTax eForms will never violate the privacy or security of your data; under no circumstance will eForms share confidential information (including names, addresses and Social Insurance Numbers) with AvanTax Software or any third party. AvanTax eForms will never copy client data to our servers or host client data on them.

Our technical support team can typically resolve eForms issues by phone, email or a client initiated remote control session. On the rare occasions when the team requires a local copy of client data it will be deleted upon problem resolution. Although we do not recommend that data be sent to our technical support team via email, this data will be given the same consideration and will be deleted upon problem resolution.

eForms will share telemetry information (such as the eForms licensee or the type and volume of slips being processed) with our development team. Telemetry information is used internally for product development and marketing analysis and will never include personally identifiable information of any kind.