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♦ eForms includes the T2200S form

♦ eForms includes the AGR-1 form

♦ eForms includes the consolidated RL-18/T5008 form

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AGR-1 - Statement of Farm-Support Payments

AGR-1 - Statement of Farm-Support Payments

You must fill in an AGR-1 slip for all amounts paid to a recipient unless the total amount for the year was less than $100

How AvanTax eForms Can Help With AGR-1s

Import AGR-1 data from Excel, CSV files or a CRA XML submission file from any other source.

File an AGR-1 XML information return with the CRA electronically via the Internet.

Print AGR-1 slips and summaries on plain paper or CRA-supplied forms.

♦ Generate individual PDF recipient AGR-1 slips for electronic distribution.

Distribute AGR-1 slips to recipients by email or corporate portal.

Plus: Prepare more than 30 different CRA & RQ information slips; Carry forward prior years’ AGR-1 data into current year; Unlimited bilingual technical support via phone, email or live chat; and much more!

AvanTax eForms Software
AvanTax eForms software provides you with everything you need to prepare, print & efile your AGR-1 returns, as well as many additional return types. Whether preparing just a few slips for one company or tens of thousands of slips for multiple companies, AvanTax eForms will help you to meet all your tax slip reporting requirements.
Avantax Filing Services
Avoid the stress of preparing and efiling your AGR-1 return yourself, let Avantax Filing Services do the work for you! Just complete our Excel Import Template and we'll convert your tax slip data into XML; print & distribute your recipient slips and process & efile your returns with CRA & Revenu Québec. Call us to find out how we can help you!

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