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How to Submit an XML File to Revenu Québec

Although the XML file includes all the slip & summary information that was printed and mailed to Revenu Québec in the "old days" in some cases you will be required to mail the Relevé summary to Revenu Québec and you will still need to provide recipients with the slips required for their personal tax returns.

Here's how to do that:

1) "Step 1: Select Companies to File"
a) Select the companies to be included in the XML file
2) "Step 2: Select Returns to File"
a) Select the return to include in the XML file; Revenu Québec permits submission of a single return in each XML file
3) "Step 3: Check Setup Options"
a) Click the "Transmitter Setup" button to setup the person or company preparing the XML file (of their own or of their clients); fields indicated by an astersk are required
b) Click the "Set Output Folder" button to change where eForms saves the XML file
c) Click the "Set Relevé Number" button to set the initial eight digit Relevé sequence number provided by Revenu Québec; the ninth digit will be calculated by eForms
d) Click the "Remove Relevé #'s" button to remove previously assigned Relevé numbers from their slips
4) "Step 4: Set Filing Options"
a) "Select method of submission" - The only option is "Internet"
b) "Select status of slips to be submitted" - Select "Original", "Amended" or "Cancelled" as appropriate
c) "Only process slips selected for special e-filing" - Only processes slips with special e-filing selected
d) "Only process slips with this subset tag" (eForms Standard and Enterprise) - Only processes slips with the specified subset tag
5) "Step 5: Prepare and Validate Submisison File"
a) Click the "XML File and Validation Report" button to prepare the XML file and report any data errors
- In "Enter unique number for this submission" enter "1" for your first submission; "2" for your second; "3" for your third & etc.
b) Click the "Validation Report Only" button to report data errors only
6) "Step 6: Your XML Submission File"
a) Displays the name and location of the XML file; you'll need this information in Step 7
7) "Step 7: Go to the Internet filing web page"
a) Click to go to the Revenu Québec Internt filing web page where you can upload your XML file; you must provide the transmitter's ID and Transmitter numbers to log in to the site
8) "Step 8: Record the Submission in Your Database" - Select one of the three radio buttons:
a) Select "I have submitted this file to Revenu Québec" if you've successfullly uploaded the XML file to Revenu Québec, be sure to also enter the confirmation number provided by Revenu Québec
b) Select "I will submit this file to Revenu Québec later" if you'll upload the XML file to Revenu Québec at a later date
c) Select "This file will not be submitted" to cancel XML processing, the XML file will be deleted

And you're finished!

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