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♦ Ver. 2019.1.2.123 - 03/03/20
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♦ T2202 - Tuition and Enrolment Certificate | Prepare slips & XML files

Part XVIII - International Exchange of Information on Financial Accounts

Part XIX - Declaration of Tax Residence for Individuals

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eForms Training Videos
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eForms Training Video 2 - Getting Started

Download Video 2 - This AvanTax eForms training video guides the user through the initial steps of using eForms. Attention is given to:

  1. Converting previous year's data
  2. Entering & editing company information
  3. Entering & editing slips
Video Index Page
Video 1 - Purchasing and Installing
Video 2 - Getting Started
Video 3 - Importing and Exporting
Video 4 - Data Entry, Forms and Reports
Video 5 - Electronic Filing
Video 6 - Adjusting T4s and Relevé 1 Slips
Video 7 - Advanced Features